Lendimi Safaris is based in Arusha, Tanzania the center of world famous national parks of Serengeti, Ngorongoro Conservation Area and the highest mountain in Africa Mt Kilimanjaro. The company grew out of a joint team of friends who sought to contribute to their community and at them same time  open windows for the world to explore the beauty of Tanzania

Lendimi comes from the Maasai word meaning Master of the Forest. At Lendimi, we take pride in the love for nature, exploration and Safaris. We promise to keep your travel simple and hassle-free yet full of fun and close to nature as possible. We guarantee the best and reliable service from landing to departure. We take full responsibility for what we do and you take care of the rest: Enjoy and Explore Tanzania.

As you look for trek to the highest peak in Africa, a safari to the pristine wilds of Africa, on a honeymoon, volunteering in community service or on study abroad, look to us for an experience that will last your lifetime.


“We take pride in love for nature” Lendimi Safaris is committed to conserve the nature as our pride. Take part in the activities of Boresha Meru a project seeking to conserve and restore the nature in Seela village located on the slopes of Mt. Meru.  Coming from Swahili meaning to improve, Boresha is working with the village community to plant trees and restore indigenous plants along river valleys which are being threatened by human activities. 


We have a well-trained mountain crew with recognized experience in mountain treks. Our mountain guides and assistant guide are Wilderness and First Responder Certified. Their experience in hiking the summit of Kilimanjaro is enough to comfort your trek with us.

We have well trained and experienced cook who can cater to most special dietary needs such as vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, celiac etc. The food is hygienically prepared.

We are committed to the welfare of our staff. Our porters are served three hot meals per day and receive a fair wage.


Nothing defines the image of Tanzania than its wildlife. We take you closer to nature as you enjoy the site of the big five. We are now conducting safaris to nearly all destinations in Tanzania.The famous Serengeti National Park, Ngorongoro Conservation Area, Selou Game Reserve and Mkomazi National Park are just some of the destinations we operate. Our driver guides are well trained and experienced in Tanzania’s destination. We use 4×4 land cruiser vehicles designed specifically for safari to ensure your comfort while exploring the beauty of Tanzania.

Whether you are look for a luxury Safari, standard Safari, budget camping Safari or just a day trip, we are confident to meet and exceed your expectations.


For us, nature and culture go together. Come and see this blend in one of the most culturally diverse nations in Africa. With over 123 ethnic tribes, Tanzania is a rainbow nation that is connected by a common language: Kiswahili. Try the local dishes that stretch from the Persian and Indian influenced Swahili food to ugali wa Kisukuma and a broth of cow blood and milk.

We provide the opportunity for our clients to learn about Maasai and Meru culture as well as about Nature and Conservation in Tanzania. Through ‘Boresha Meru’  you can be a part of something great as conserving nature that is the lifeline of communities in Meru. This is best for students who are at universities and want to experience something extra and different from their studies at home. Our team has experience coordinating and working in study abroad programs in Europe and the United States. Contact us for tailor-made knowledge exchange on topics such as Nature and Conservation, Human-Wildlife Interactions, Indigenous Practices in Conservation, The Maasai Culture, The Meru Culture and Customs, etc.

We are prepared to arrange standard accommodations to our esteemed customers. We have variety of hotels/lodges in Arusha and in safari parks as well as other destinations that we partner with. For Kilimanjaro climbers, we provide accommodation that makes the adventure real while on the mountain.